Top 10 Apps for Your Windows 8 Phone

Windows 8 Phone

Despite the monstrous growth of Android and the calm and steady stance of iOS, the Windows platform isn’t all that bad when it comes to providing high end user experiences. The platform has relatively less apps than its competitors but offers an interesting variety of choices that users can take up on.

Windows 8 for desktop is still a giant and now the Microsoft universe allows for a good ecosystem between the mobile world and its original base. Users can hence use features such as Search and Share Charms. Of course, this means that one must be aware of windows monitoring software that could harm you if it manages to access your system in either way.

That being said, here are some amazing apps you should get for your Windows 8 phone immediately.

1. Netflix: What more do you want from a platform? Now you can get all your dose of viewing right from your Windows phone if you are a Netflix subscriber. The home page is easy to navigate as it allows you to scroll through new releases, genres, etc. While playing movies you can use the app bar to pause, play, fast forward and so on.

2. Audible: Audible is a free app that allows a lot of storytelling fun and is a great way to relax yourself out. This app from Amazon allows users to sit back at the end of a hectic work day and get read to. Once you register, you can choose from a pretty large collection of audio books that range from pop fiction to classics.

3. OneNote: Most people would opt for the application like EverNote but if you are a Windows user, then the OneNote app is definitely more developed. You can make detailed notes and access them later with playback recordings also.

4. BoxThis is a great app for sharing work files. It integrates with Google Docs as well as You can get 5GB of free online storage which is pretty good, keeping in mind what alternatives have to offer.

5. Music Maker Jam: Now this is an app that is fantastic for interactive music listening. There are a number of features that you could make use of when using music maker jam, for instance, you can add loops, apply distortions and then record your creation later.

6. TuneIn RadioThis app was originally on the iOS platform but can now be availed by Windows 8 users too. You can listen to pretty much any web streamed radio broadcast in the world. You can listen to podcasts too and the best part is it’s free.

7. YouCam Mobile: CyberLink is known for some great video editing software and now you can avail the app for Windows. You can edit photos and videos while shooting, trim them up and then upload directly on YouTube or Facebook.

8. Skype: Unlike other platforms that got Skype recently, Windows users have been using this app and it works great. Video calling gives you full screen view and makes the best of Windows 8 touch interface.

9. Angry Birds Star WarsHow could you not like Angry Birds or Star wars? How could you not like them together? The latest version of Rovio’s brainchild is available on Windows 8 and the game is a lot more space linked fun.

10. Flow Free.  A great app for people who like challenges and puzzles. The game asks users to connect the dots to create interesting and brain teasing patterns. The initial version is free and you can take on the paid one once you level up.

Can you add to our list of great apps for Windows 8 phone? Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


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