6 Health Problems Associated With Obesity


More than 149 million Americans are classified as obese. This number alone is rather startling, but what is more concerning is the number of people at risk for serious health problems because of obesity. Taking a closer look at the health problems … [Read more...]

Should Insurers Give Incentives to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?


Across the developed world, people are slipping into unhealthy lifestyles that are actually having a pronounced effect on the economy. The cost of obesity, smoking and other lifestyle choices to the healthcare system weighs heavily, not just on the … [Read more...]

5 Ways Emotional Freedom Techniques Can Help You Live a Healthier Life


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a type of therapy intervention that is used to draw on the numerous alternative medicine theories without the pain of needles. EFT allows the person to focus on the specific problems at hand while tapping on the … [Read more...]

Smile Easy, Heart Disease No Longer Linked to Gum Disease

Oral Health

As if the promise of strong teeth and healthy gums wasn’t enough to entice most people to brush and floss regularly, your dentist could always reinforce the importance of maintaining oral health by reminding you that gum disease increases your risk … [Read more...]

Education helps reduce consumption of high-calorie drinks

Sugar sweetened beverages

Obesity rates are currently high in just about all segments of society, but what has health experts the most worried is the fact that so many young people are substantially overweight. Childhood obesity rates have hit all-time highs, which could be … [Read more...]