A Drive to Remember: 5 Great American Road Trips

The California Coast

If there is any one endeavor that best represents the American romanticism for freedom, independence, exploration and adventure, it is the road trip. There is perhaps no better way to see the country than from behind the wheel of a car. Unhindered … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Home Improvements

Energy Saving

Energy within a home setting is used for lighting, heating, and even producing motion. Modern technology has created numerous energy uses through the incorporation of high profile appliances. As much as these appliances have become an important part … [Read more...]

How to Keep a Check on Your Teen’s Cellphone Use?

Teen's Cellphone Use

In the present times, cellphones have become quite a rage among people and children are no exception here. While parents see cellphones as a medium to stay connected with their children when they are away to school or for extracurricular activities, … [Read more...]

10 Cost-effective and Eco-Friendly Driving Tips


Since their inception, automobiles have always offered owners two extreme yet distinct emotions - joy and anguish. While the former arises from a number of reasons such as, easy commuting, mobility and status, the latter feeling is born out of gas … [Read more...]

5 Ways Internet can Help in Improving Your Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Many believe that Internet is having a bad effect on one's writing. It may be true in a way, considering that social media users often post their status messages or tweets using improper capitalization and spellings. But looking on the bright side, … [Read more...]

Best Cloud Based Mobile Apps for Teamwork

Cloud Based Mobile Apps

The world is fast changing and gone are the days when everyone had to work in the office from morning till evening. Thanks to the genius minds that created cloud based mobile apps! These are apps that will help you manage teamwork assignments at the … [Read more...]

Revamp Your Home With Some Great Home Improvement Ideas


Minor changes done to your home interiors can make a massive difference to its aesthetic appeal. Most often, people don’t know which aspect of the interiors needs to be modified to make the home look better. Here is a list of suggestions to help you … [Read more...]