Benefits of Using an Incontinence Nappy

Urinary incontinence, faced majorly by senior citizens, can now be dealt with ease by using incontinence pads, which are like an all in one nappy. The features offered by incontinence pads not only help you deal with involuntary leakage problem but help deal with it in the most effective and comfortable way. People affected by incontinence can lead a completely normal life by using incontinence pads.

Incontinence pads are termed as an all in one nappy because they help you handle all incontinence related problems with great ease. They help avoid leakage, rustling noises while walking, rid faecal and urinary odour and are thin enough so that they are not visible through clothes you wear. As all these features are clubbed together in incontinence absorbent pads and for this reason they are better known as an all in one nappy.

An all in one nappy or an incontinence pad has the following features. To begin with their benefits, incontinence pads are disposable. So, you do not have to spend time cleaning clothes spoilt due to incontinence. Once you are done using an incontinence pad, you can wrap it and throw it away. Unlike washable diapers, these save you from worrying about what to do in emergency situations, where replacing a washable diaper can be a problem.

Incontinence pads are available in all shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to fit your body size. An incontinence pad, made perfectly for your size will prevent extrinsic leaks. These days, most of the incontinence pads are thin and light. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your product looking bulky or feeling heavy. The wide range of incontinence pads provides an extreme level of anti-leakage security and utmost comfort. The absorbency level of incontinence pads ranges from 200ml to 1030ml. You can choose your product depending upon the severity of your problem.

Whether you are going for a morning walk or shopping in a mall, all in one incontinence pads will provide you with the comfort you desire. Incontinence pads are available in abundance and can be purchased at most local shopping centre. However, if you feel embarrassed to purchase incontinence pads at shopping outlets, there is a solution for this too; you can purchase incontinence pads online and get them delivered to your home in a convenient and discreet manner. Incontinence pads are a great breakthrough for all urinary incontinence related problems.