5 Healthy Diet Tips to Gain Weight

Tips to Gain Weight

This may sound a little weird because everyone is always concerned about losing weight. The recipe to weight gain might come as a surprise. However, if someone criticizes you of being lean, don’t just start stuffing junk food. We are never open to unhealthy food no matter how thin we are. The good news is there are some healthy ways to gain weight.

To be honest, gaining weight is not much different from losing. Most people willing to gain weight try unhealthy foods in desperation. Knowing the safety method to gain weight can most certainly be a problem. Nevertheless, before jumping in the schedule to gain weight, first reaffirm if you really need to add a few pounds.


For the ease of a user, the scientific community devised a simple tool known as the BMI calculator. All you have to do is fill in your height, weight and this nifty tool will take care of the rest. It will show you whether you are underweight or normal. Underweight individuals can start with their weight gain schedule. Listed below are a few simple ways to gain weight.


1. Set a Realistic Aim

Hitting the normal benchmark is comparatively simple than following an impossible target. Just like in case of losing weight, you can attempt gradual weight gain for safest and best results. For instance, weight gain of 2 pounds per month is a good way to begin.

2. Note What You Eat

Next is the need to note what you are eating and in what quantity. Keeping track of food will help you device a compatible schedule for physical activity. Furthermore, it will allow you to cheat on your daily diet plan every once a while.

3. Add Extra Calories Only With Healthy Foods

When you are looking forward to a healthy weight gain, more calories than daily requirement must be consumed. People with high metabolic rate should also take extra calories because they have the tendency to expend their calories faster. If you are too lean, then an addition of 350 calories per day will set a good pace for weight gain. In some cases, snacking is recommended besides the normal meal. The examples of snacking include:

  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Crackers made from wholegrain
  • Milk, yogurt and other soy products

4. Have Meals on Time

Eating regularly and on time is essential for a healthy lifestyle. There is no exception to the rule in case of gaining weight. Deciding the menu in advance will prevent the chances of skipping the meal or getting it delayed.

5. Add Supplements

The intake of supplements is not recommended right away. If there is a healthy intake of calories, then perhaps you will never have to take supplements and your weight will improve eventually. However, in some cases supplements are suggested to speed up the development of lean muscle mass. The idea of taking supplements must be discussed with a dietitian and they should never be taken as meal replacements. Just because the doctor has allowed you to take supplements doesn’t mean you can skip meals.

By following these simple tips, you can gain weight in a healthy way and stay more fit.

Can you suggest some more tips to gain weight the healthy way? Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


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