Can Smoking E-Cigarettes Really Be Safe In The Workplace?

Many people are turning to vaping in the workplace as an alternative to lighting up. For the uninformed, vaping is the nickname that has been given to the act of smoking e-cigarettes. Employers are encouraging the use of e-cigarettes for their employees who smoke, but employees are questioning their safety in the workplace. E-cigarettes are extremely safe and have positive benefits when used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Here’s why e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace:

1.No Smell

Employees in a professional setting often have to attend meetings as part of their job. Employees who smoke may not be permitted to smoke at their desk, but they still reek of cigarettes. Smelling like an ashtray is considered bad form in any type of setting, especially in the office. E-cigarettes have absolutely no smell, ensuring that their users don’t smell like they spent their lunch break in a bar.

2.No Second-Hand Smoke

E-cigarette users inhale and exhale a flavored water vapor instead of smoke. This ensures that no one surrounding the smoker is inhaling second-hand smoke. Most people who don’t smoke don’t mind those people who do, but they don’t want to be affected by others’ negative choices. Second-hand smoke contains carcinogens that affect all those that walk through its fog. The water vapor produced by an e-cigarette contains no toxins or carcinogens, rendering them perfectly safe for the smoker and people stationed nearby.

3.Increased Productivity

Consider this: it takes an average smoker about 5 to 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette. Now that restrictions have been put in place dictating that smokers must remain at least 150 feet away from building entrances, those smoke breaks are getting even longer. By allowing employees to vape at their desks, the need for frequent trips outside is negated. Employees spend more time at their desks working than they do outside feeding their addiction.

4.Vaping is Safer

The smoke break was invented because of the damaging effects that the habit has on electronic equipment. E-cigarettes present no harm to electronic equipment or to others in the office. Because they are never lit, the chance of a fire caused by a forgotten cigarette is also removed.

5.Quitting Made Easier

We all know that quitting cigarette smoking is the healthiest choice that can be made. E-cigarettes can help people quit smoking more quickly than any other smoking cessation method on the market. Encouraging and supporting employees who want to quit smoking makes good business sense. Employees who kick the habit are healthier and more productive overall!

Vaping in the workplace is a safe and acceptable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. By allowing employees to use e-cigarettes in the office, employers will see a rise in their workers’ health and productivity. If you have an employee or co-worker who is using an e-cigarette, encourage and support them! If that employee can kick their addiction, everyone in the office will be the better for it.

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  • Justin

    Well, this article was obviously written by a smoker! These electronic cancer sticks contain an harmful chemicals that no one should be breathing (just Google it). Futhermore, they are NOT ODORLESS. I am very sensitive to fragrances and smells of any kind, and as far as I’m concerned, if a coworker of mine started “vaping” these disgusting things in my place of work, he or she would be in for a fight from me.

    • Chadbeaul

       You’re obviously extremely biased on this issue. “Electronic cancer stick”? Grow up. The harmful chemicals you are trying to refer to but never actually took the time to verify are in “detectable” amounts but are in no way harmful. These are the same trace chemicals that you’ll find in baby formula, every day plastics, your keyboard if you use one, etc… E-cigs are nearly orderless, and for most normal people who don’t have baby-nose like you, not a problem. If you’re so sensitive, how do you get through the day anyhow? People who smoke normal cigarettes are going to come back in and actually smell like cigarettes in a bad way, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. And what if someone doesn’t shower one day? Complain to the boss? Don’t like the smell of something someone is eating? What then? Your argument is incredibly weak, and also incredibly selfish. I can imagine you’re a real charmer at work. People must love you…

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  • Shannon McGough

    Electronic cigarettes are safer, smokeless and odorless, this makes them safe for every kind of environment, you can smoke them at home or at office.

  • Austin Jackson

    Yeah it is safe for workplaces, as Shannon said this device doesn’t produce any smoke and don’t have that bad smell of tobacco.