Lesa Day

Author, Speaker, Parenting Family Coach
The Yes I Can Child

Lesa Day

Lesa Day

With her top-selling book in hand, “How to Get Your Child to Say, Yes! I Can! and I Will!” this Atlanta based speaker transforms the hearts and minds of our youth and empowers them to reach their greatest potential.

Lesa has been coaching parents in the private sector for nearly 20 years. As an internationally known speaker, author, and parent coach, Lesa is sought out by parents, nannies, education and childcare agencies worldwide.

Lesa is a natural leader and motivator. Her upbeat and consistently positive temperament make her easy to work with. Lesa’s broad experience and interests make her an indispensable resource.

Lesa Day has appeared on radio and television broadcasts nationwide and is the founder and CEO of We Win Life Coaching, an empowerment and coaching firm dedicated to bring the best out of individuals as well as companies and organizations.


Parent and Family Coach – working with families, caregivers and educators

Creating a nurturing structure to empower children to become responsible, respectful individuals while increasing their self-esteem by using the gifts and talents they were born with.

Coaching parents experiencing separation and divorce to develop family plans to create the best environment for the children while custody is being determined and lessen conflict as much as possible.

You can reach her by,

Email: YesICan@LesaDay.com
Website: http://www.yesIcanandIwill.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ParentsNFamily
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theparentingfamilycoach
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lesaday
Google Her: Lesa Day
Phone: 1-914-613-0945

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