5 Most Profitable Graduate Degrees

top paid graduate degree

Every individual has different reasons for obtaining an undergraduate degree. While some pursue a degree in hopes of finding the perfect career, others may choose a specific program because their parents demanded it. Whether the reasons are personal or not, it is important to consider a graduate degree much more seriously. Some graduate degrees have a very refined focus, which may limit the usefulness of them. Since graduate school is far more expensive than undergraduate tuition, be sure to choose a degree program that will pay off in the end. The following five options are currently the most profitable choices.

1. Master Of Business Administration

MBAs are needed everywhere. After graduation, MBAs can expect to earn between $80,000 and $120,000 annually. For a starting salary range, these numbers are very attractive. The MBA distinction offers much higher compensation than most other graduate degrees. To rank in the top pay bracket, graduates must have a degree from a prestigious school. MBA graduates usually work in a wide variety of financial services.

2. Master Of Engineering

Graduates with this type of degree usually work in executive positions. They may start at smaller companies before upgrading to more elite positions. The average annual salary for graduates ranges between $50,000 and $71,000. Actual pay depends on the field of mastery chosen. Although there are many different types of engineers, some are paid more than others.

3. Master Of Nursing

nursing degree

Earning a graduate degree opens up a wide array of job opportunities for nurses. In addition to qualifying for higher administrative positions, they are also able to perform the duties of a midwife, which results in excellent pay. Although they cannot perform as many tasks as a nurse practitioner, they have the ability to do much more than a graduate of a bachelor’s degree program does. The average annual salary for graduates with this type of degree is between $65,000 and $120,000. Salaries depend on the type of job and area of specialty chosen.

4. Master of Computer Science

As the Internet and technology continue expanding together, so will the number of tech jobs. Earning this type of degree affords graduates a wide array of employment opportunities. With hundreds of different options, graduates are free to expand their horizons. With an average annual salary of $68,000, these tech specialists are compensated well.

5. Master Of Economics

Both the government and private sector utilize economists. These valuable workers research, analyze and develop theories about various aspects of the economy. Their average annual salary is $83,590.

There are several other profitable graduate degrees. In some cases, prospective students may prefer a broader degree. For example, a Master of Psychology, Master of Accounting or a similar degree will create a wide array of opportunities. Graduates of a psychology program may work in human resources, counseling or a completely different field. Always consider personal desires and financial goals.

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