5 Ways to Winterize Your Car for Safe Driving

Prepare Car for Winter

When the snowflakes start flying and the temperatures drop, our vehicles need a little extra attention to make sure they stay on the road all winter long. Ice-covered roads, freezing temperatures and other wintertime factors not only take a toll on … [Read more...]

Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Family Vehicles of 2013

Fuel Efficient Cars

When families dream about a new car, they may think about size or safety. Most are hoping for fuel efficiency. Each family is different, however. What suits one family may not suit another. Here are top choices in five categories of family … [Read more...]

Is Petrol too Expensive? Electric Vehicle is the Solution!

Electric Car

The question remains for many: Is petrol too expensive? The thing is, petroleum is a kind of fossil fuel that is used to power most vehicles. Some people may not be aware of its negatives because they have not been notified. But this type of fuel … [Read more...]

Important Facts About Car Depreciation and How to Minimize it

Car Depreciation

What is Car Depreciation? Many people are puzzled by the concept of depreciation, but it is really quite simple. The fact of the matter is, a new car loses value pretty quickly after you drive it off the lot. One of the largest costs of owning a … [Read more...]

Buying a Car Online: Advantages, Disadvantages and Latest Trends

Buying a Car

The growing popularity of online vehicle shopping sites has made car shopping much safer and quicker. It is easier to peruse many listings online than to move from one dealer to another in search of a perfect vehicle. As a buyer, it is always good to … [Read more...]

Be Safe on the Road! 5 Tips to Break Your Bad Driving Habits

Break Bad Driving Habits

When it comes to assessing your driving skills, people like to blame others for one’s frustrations on the road. But the sad truth is that there are only a few drivers out there who don't display any poor driving habits at all. Though many of these … [Read more...]

Auto Insurance: What You Should Consider Before Buying One

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is often bought quickly and without much thought. You request a quote from several companies, look over the prices, select one and make the purchase. Simple right? Well, even though it is a very easy process, all-too-often people are … [Read more...]