Are Expensive Car Wax Products Worth the Money?

waxed car

If you have been to some local shops or websites which are selling car care products, you probably realized that there are actually hundreds of different car wax products. Although this has given us more variety, it also frustrates us. Especially for car owners with no previous detailing or waxing experience, it is simply too hard to choose the car wax product that is suitable.

So, which car wax product will give your car the showroom shine?

While many people think that car wax is the key to a shiny car, I am going to share a secret with you. The key to a clean and shiny car is not the car wax products you use but the prep work you do before waxing. The prep work includes washing, cleaning, repairing paint damages and imperfections.

Let me explain it with an example. If you laminate an old and yellowish paper, do you think that piece of paper will become clean and shiny? This applies to cars as well. Waxing is just like applying a layer of transparent plastic on your car. It only enhances the original color of the car. If you want your car to look really clean and shiny, you need to learn how professionals wash and clean cars. The techniques they use include using the hand car wash, clay bar detailing and others.

If you have spent enough time to finish the prep work, waxing will be easy and you could get good results without expensive car wax products. In fact, me and my team normally spend more than 80% of our time on the prep work and the rest on waxing.

So, what is the best car wax to use?

Base on our team’s experience, we find the best car wax must be able to achieve 2 results: durability and shine. Durability is how long the car wax is able to last on your car. Most car wax last less than one month. This also means that you need to wax your car once a month in order to keep your car protected. If you are a lazy person, look for car wax products which could last more than 3 months such as sealants. Without further explanation, shine is the glossy effect you can see after applying the wax on your car.

While many people go for wax which are able to provide maximum shine, I recommend you to go for durability with a little shine. Although keeping your car shiny is important, a car that is too shiny will reveal all its weakness. That’s right! Swirl marks and scratches are very obvious when your car is shiny. Unless you are going for some competition, durability is more important because it save you hours of work every month and provides your car a strong layer of protection.

That is why our team normally choose sealants and durable car wax every time we go shopping. Although the quality of different sealants is different, the differences are minimal. Normally, we recommend Optimum and Klasse for sealant and Collinite for durable car wax. If you can’t find them in your local stores, you can write down some of the available brands and do some research online. I found many of them providing similar results.

What about Carnauba Wax?

Many people and probably including you have heard of carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is used to wax exotic cars and commonly used by many car enthusiasts. Should you use it for waxing?

If your car is in black, red, yellow or other dark colors, I highly recommend you to use it. Other than giving your car the deep and rich appearance, it is able to cover some of your paint imperfections and make them not too obvious. We do not recommend on light-colored cars because your car might not look as shiny as before you use it.

Another point worth mentioning is that carnauba wax normally last less than a month. Again, there is not much difference when it comes to different brands as long as it is 100% pure carnauba wax.

Hope you find this article useful and wish you have fun shopping and waxing. Always remember to spend some time on researching and learning the proper way in waxing.